It's been two years (minus one week) since I've posted to my personal blog. Since then I had to finish another big web project that ran about six months overdue and have been busy with a new 10 month-old daughter Julia (and 5 y.o. Fianna). Lately though, I've been migrating the old site to a new CMS and hoping to catch up. The recent Guardians of the Galaxy movie fired up my interest a little too much and I popped out a little summary of the Team's history.

For Easter Break 2014, the family went on a short trip to Monterey, Jamestown and Yosemite. It was Julia's first trip away from home and we purposely tried to keep the drive time down to 3 hours or less in one shot.

The 2013 collection of Bressler kids photos. No longer strictly a Fianna affair, but mostly. Julia was born on December 15, just in time for some Christmas photos. Other than that, Fianna had her fourth birthday, hung out with the Wilsons at the annual Highland Games (she's never missed one), made two trips to Southern California (one to see the Baers and one to see Disneyland/SeaWorld). She was Snow White for Halloween, and we spent our first Christmas as a family in Fair Oaks (because of Julia's birth we did not make the usual trip to Southern California for the Holidays.)

I'm writing this almost a year later, but my second daughter was born on December 15, 2013. It was an eventful birth. At two points, her heart stopped beating. The first time they rushed Jennifer into the operating room for a possible emergency c-section. By the time she made it in there, everything seemed to be OK. The surgery was called off, but as they were getting ready to move Jennifer back to her room, her heart stopped again. They decided not to take any chances and conducted the emergency surgery. She spent a day or so in the ICU after that, but all was well and we soon got everyone home.

In Late September 2013, Jennifer, Fianna and I made a trip to Southern California to visit Disneyland, SeaWorld, the Grandparents, and others. With Julia officially due on December 25th, we would obviously not be making the annual holiday trip or the annual (sort of) international trip, but wanted to do something before being tied down to Fair Oaks for most of the next six months.